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Available NOW: Holmes’ Own Story. A fascinating look into the mind of one of America’s first serial killers 

“Historically accurate. Well written and will be of particular interests to Criminologists in an understanding of the criminal mind, specifically that of a serial killer through their own words.” Five stars, -BN

“Great book, thoroughly cited. Good historical reference for 19th century serial killer.” Five stars, -KB

Excerpt from Part Three of Holmes’ Own Story: Confessed 27 Murders – Lied Then Died:

Judgment Day – Thursday, May 7, 1896

Holmes slept like a baby his last night on earth. After a second attempt to wake him, Holmes got up and dressed. Keeper John Henry asked Holmes how he felt.

“Are you nervous?” said Keeper Henry.

“Not a bit,” said Holmes. He smiled and slid his arms between the prison bars and stretched out his fingers.

“Look at that,” said Holmes. His hands were steady as a rock.