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JD Crighton discovered her enthusiasm for writing while in college, inspired and motivated by a creative writing instructor who shared her non-fiction essay with fellow faculty members. In college, she studied interesting topics such as anatomy and physiology, microbiology as well as her favorite, research and evaluation. In fact, JD is so passionate about research and evaluation that you will find her researching the background of most anything she comes in contact with.

JD Crighton, Author

JD Crighton

JD earned an International credential as a lifetime Certified Emergency Manager and for over two decades, she was responsible for all phases of jurisdiction-wide emergency management. She taught over a hundred instructor-trainer courses as well as courses about Terrorism and related emergency management topics to thousands of students. She worked closely with all levels of government agencies including Law Enforcement, Fire and Rescue, Homeland Security, Federal, State and Local government, Military, Colleges, and Schools.

JD Crighton teaching search and rescue, blanket carry

JD Crighton Teaching the Blanket Carry Technique in an Emergency Response Course

JD authored government plans, proclamations, resolutions, and procedures. She also wrote press releases, articles, and newsletters. She was often a frequent subject matter expert on local cable television shows that featured her in fifteen minute and half hour segments.

JD was a bit of a daredevil in her younger days and was able to check off some pretty cool things on her bucket list. A friend took her acrobatic flying over the Queen Mary and she was hooked, parachute and all. Even so, she thought she better take lessons in case she had to land the plane by herself. Power on, power off stalls and touch and go landings were her favorite during training.

JD figured if she was to acrobatic fly over the ocean with friends, she better learn to scuba dive. That was her next bucket list adventure. Cancun and Cayman Islands had the best visibility but after a close shark encounter and lost underwater camera, she gave up. On to trick waterskiing instead, but try as she may, JD could not waterski backwards for more than a few seconds.

JD Teaching Incident Command System (ICS)

JD Crighton Teaching an Incident Command System (ICS) Course

Next, JD organized a group of emergency responders for a skydiving adventure, another one of her bucket list items. But, one-by-one, each cancelled until JD remained all by her lonesome self. Too scared to go alone, JD put that one on hold. She had a chance to defend that bucket list item when her lab partner challenged her to a debate. The question: was skydiving more thrilling than hang gliding? JD of course picked skydiving. Her lab partner, who was a certified hang glider, picked that.

On hang glide day, her lab partner paired her up with a cute instructor for a tandem ride. JD thought it was awful nice of her. In preflight training, she learned when you tandem hang glide, the instructor must put his arm around you to grab onto the handle. Yep, that’s what they told JD. But the sticky (or smelly) part was: once the instructor put his arm around her and they ran off the cliff, she smelled a powerful stench of body odor coming from him. Nothing else mattered. Beautiful scenery or gentle soaring over the hills below. Nothing mattered except landing and getting the heck out of dodge (and maybe a hot shower!). JD and her lab partner never followed up with a skydiving trip to compare the two, so no one won the debate.

JD checked a few more items off her list. She backpacked in the sierras and took second place in a mini-grand prix race (after rolling her race car in practice). Now that’s one for the books (pun intended).

JD Crighton (Driver). Mini Grand Prix race 1992, 2nd place

JD Crighton (Driver). Mini Grand Prix race, 2nd place

Emergency Management and crazy bucket list experiences provide JD with plenty of ideas for novels and nonfiction books. Her biggest complaint: not enough time in a day! From the moment she wakes up until the time her head rests on her pillow, she writes, rests, writes, rests, and writes. Throw in reading, research and chocolate and her day is complete.

Her favorite authors include: Vincent Bugliosi, Michael Connelly, James Patterson, John Grisham, Erik Larson, Brad Meltzer, Jeffery Deaver, Harlan Coben, Stephen King, Lee Child.

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