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Research Trip for Detective Geyer Book

Early in the month of May, I made another research trip to Philadelphia, Washington DC, and surrounding cities and was honored to meet with Detective Geyer’s amazing family. Unlike troubling claims that Geyer’s wife and daughter were tragically killed in a

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Newspaper Ad for Detective Frank Geyer’s 1896 Book

I found an old newspaper ad for Detective Geyer’s book about the H. H. Holmes, Benjamin Pitezel investigation. The price of the Geyer’s book was inflated to $1.50 due to National sensationalism of the case. H. H. Holmes wrote his

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Research from Detective in the White City, on Sale in September!

Detective in the White City: The Real Story of Frank Geyer Research about the Secret Search for Gideon Marsh – June 1892 Authorities deemed the mission classified to prevent media from tipping off the fugitive. No one knew the details, not even

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